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I am very active in the media locally and nationally promoting sound nutritional information to a larger audience. I am honored to serve as a current national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

I am uniquely qualified as a resource for expert commentary, story ideas and background on the full range of food and nutrition topics. 

A few examples of my media appearances:

Eat right with food from all ethnic traditions

Kitchen Clips: Julienne Vegetables

Are Raw Diets Healthy For Children?

Mmmm Good: Bugs Get Placed On Restaurants’ Menus

National Nutrition Month – Enjoy the taste of eating right

National Nutrition Month – Give your plate a taste lift

Health Benefits of Coffee

HEALTHY LIVING – Torrance CitiCable

Healthier Way to Celebrate Superbowl Funday

Sweet potato strips

Southwestern oat and black bean bake

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