Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDCES, FAND

Registered Dietitian Nutrition Services

Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDCES, FAND

I offer a wide variety of nutrition and dietitian services.

  • Are you unsure of what to eat?
  • Have you tried every diet regimen and eventually given up?
  • Are you a busy professional struggling to feel energized and make time to eat right?
  • Do you have a life-threatening food allergy or intolerance that makes food scary?
  • Are you pregnant and scared because you have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes?
  • You know what to eat but are having a hard time putting it into practice?

I can help with all of these and more! See below how I can help you.

An eating disorder is not something that you can just get over. If you feel as if you have an unhealthy relationship with eating and food, you are not alone on this battle. Contact me immediately for help. A life where you love yourself and savor your food is possible.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be confusing. Just Google diabetes and diet and you’ll find all sorts of contradictory information. As a Dietitian Nutritionist Coach and Diabetes Care Specialist I provide knowledge and skills to help clients navigate through the confusion.

Being a lifelong vegetarian, I am passionate about helping people enjoy more plant-based foods but doing so in a way that keeps you fueled, energized and most importantly, savoring you foods. I’ll show you how vegetarian can be healthy and delicious!

I strongly believe that food is for both nourishment and enjoyment and my wellness and nutrition services focus intently upon both. My passion is empowering clients to eat well and develop a healthy relationship with foods they love. Let me help you too!

Empowering clients to eat well and develop a healthy relationship with foods they love.