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My love for flavorful food and science along with my passion for helping and working with people was the main reason for my start and interest in the field of Nutrition. I strongly believe that food is nourishment and enjoyment. I love working with my clients and the media in sharing my passion for enjoying real food in our busy lives. After graduating in 1997 Summa Cum Laude from California State University, Los Angeles with my second Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional science and its Coordinated Dietetics Program with over 900 hours of internship, I successfully passed the Commission on Dietetics Registration (CDR) board exam to become a registered dietitian (RD). Since that time, I have worked in many different capacities and settings as a dietitian: hospital, outpatient, renal, home health, the presenting of community nutrition lectures, the teaching of vegetarian cooking classes, and the co-authoring of two books. All of these experiences led to the establishment of my private practice because I realized that my passion lay in spending quality time with my clients and empowering them to develop a healthy relationship with food. My philosophy is that you can Eat Well, Your Way, For Life! Eat Well–delicious, flavorful, nutritious and real food Your Way–according to your lifestyle, your food preferences, your cooking abilities, your health situation For Life–no more diets, just real food, practical and do-able tips, a way of life that allows you to enjoy life I specialize in weight management, diabetes, eating disorders, prenatal nutrition, child nutrition, food allergies, and other special diets including vegetarian diets. Whether you are looking to eating right for specific health concerns or to improve your overall health and well being, I can help. Contact me immediately to schedule an in-person consultation in my Torrance office. My office is conveniently located at the corner of Madison and Lomita in a professional medical building. For those out of the geographic area interested in a consultation, we can schedule an online video or telephone counseling appointment. This will allow you to conveniently work with me from your home or office. You will not need to worry about parking, taking time off, getting a babysitter or coverage for your carpool.


Being diagnosed with diabetes can be quite overwhelming. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been dealing with it for a while I can help. There is a lot of confusing and contradictory information–whether you should avoid sugars, eat low carbs, low fat, high protein, etc. How can you control your blood sugars and most importantly avoid complications such as heart disease, nerve damage, kidney problems? Should you be checking your blood sugar? If so, how often? What do your blood sugars mean? Can you eat at your favorite restaurants and still control your blood sugars? What is a diabetic diet? You will find answers to these questions and much more as we work together to control your diabetes. Having family members who have diabetes and being a certified diabetes educator, I understand your frustrations and emotions connected with managing a chronic condition such as Diabetes on a personal level but also bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I have and continue to keep up-to-date with the latest research and science on diabetes. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator I bring specialized knowledge and skills to my clients. Are you ready to get started? Contact me via email or phone call to schedule your session.

Gestational Diabetes

When you are informed by your doctor that you have gestational diabetes, it can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out how to manage it. Maybe you were given a glucose meter to check your blood sugar and you’re either afraid of poking your finger or you are testing your blood sugar but unclear as to what those numbers mean. Maybe you are worried about your baby. Most of all, you’re terrified that you might need insulin. For some women, changing their diet and exercise is all that’s needed to lower blood sugar. Actually, diet and exercise are the primary treatments for gestational diabetes. That means there is a chance you won’t need medicine or insulin. Only your medical provider can make that call. As a registered dietitian nutritionist and diabetes educator specializing in women with gestational diabetes, I’ve heard all of these concerns and more. I have helped literally hundreds of women have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby despite having gestational diabetes. Contact me immediately to get started.

Food Allergies

Almost 15 years ago my son was diagnosed with multiple, severe, food allergies. I so clearly remember how I upset I was. I felt that from that day on our lives would never be the same. We would have to be constantly vigilant to protect him from a life threatening reaction. Fortunately, due to my extensive training as a registered dietitian and personal mission of helping not only my son but also other families dealing with food allergies I have embraced this challenge. Although we will always have to be careful, I am thrilled to say that my son is a well adjusted young man who does not let food allergies define him. If you have been recently diagnosed with food allergies, I want you to know that there are many resources available to help. I would be honored to share my personal and professional guidance to maneuver the road to successfully managing food allergies. I truly understand how overwhelming and scary food allergies can be. However, as a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in food allergies I can help you address day-to-day issues while allowing you to thrive and enjoy “safe” foods without compromise on nutrition. I bring both my personal experience as well as wealth of knowledge and experience. Contact me immediately to get started!

Vegetarian Nutrition

I grew up in India and my fondest memories of food revolve around my mom’s home cooking. I was raised on a vegetarian diet filled with plant-based foods, beans, lentils, spices, herbs. Food that was rich in flavor and nutritious. Fresh produce for the day was carefully selected by my mom to create wonderful family meals. My creative and health conscious mom used left overs and repurposed them into delicious meals. She was and continues to be my inspiration for my passion in food and nutrition. I learned that cooking from scratch does not have to be a complicated process. Being a lifelong vegetarian, I am passionate about helping people enjoy more plant-based foods. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or someone who simply wants to enjoy more plant-based foods, I would be honored to guide you in this journey. Are you trying to eat more meatless meals but are not sure how to make flavorful, tasty meals that are satisfying for your family? Contact me now to get started.

Eating Disorders

Have you always struggled with disordered eating? Do you eat when you are emotionally upset? Do you skip meals or exercise excessively because you want to lose weight? Are you always disappointed with how you look in the mirror? Do you avoid eating meals with others? Are you constantly thinking of food? Are you scared of eating because you may overdo it? Do you feel guilty after you eat? You know that you need to change some behaviors but are stuck and unable to get started? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you may have an unhealthy relationship with eating and food. Please contact me immediately to get started.

Client Testimonials: ” I had the pleasure of working with Vandana Sheth immediately following the birth of my son. After 26 years of battling eating disorders I had worked with numerous dietitians before I met Vandana. Vandana, I am proud to say, was the last dietitian I worked with before I attained complete recovery from disordered eating. Vandana’s approach is personal and supportive. One of the most attractive qualities I found in working with Vandana is her genuine interest in your personal life. By identifying events and situations that might result in poor nutritional choices, Vandana helped me build a sound “do-able” nutritional meal plan. Vandana challenges her clients to try new foods and trust that the body does not change from an extra bite or an over indulgence at times. I always felt safe expressing my fears to Vandana in a soothing environment. Vandana does not focus of numbers and weight but the body as a whole…our mind,our core…what will work for us in our own lives. As I reach my 3 year anniversary of recovery from a 26 year battle with food, I am grateful for being under the care of Vandana at the right time. Every day I look at the gift of my son…in my lap at every appointment with Vandana. Whether you struggle with disordered eating, a medical issue or just want to learn to appreciate all foods in moderation, I highly recommend working with Vandana. Vandana gave me not only my health back but has allowed me to fully enjoy a variety of foods with my son and be OK with it.” -Bridget

“It was about 20 minutes into our first session I felt completely comfortable. I knew as soon as I left that I wanted to continue to see you in helping me with my eating disorder and achieve my goals. You listened to my whole story and without judgment you began to allow me to make my own decisions and allow me to come up with a plan that was healthy yet safe. I loved how you asked me questions of what I was willing to do. If it was something I was uncomfortable with you gave me options and allowed me to make my own choices. There was no shame or negativity if I wasn’t perfect. I was able to gain confidence in myself and trust. You allowed me to take baby steps and the process was gradual and not overwhelming or discouraging, you believed in me and then I began to believe in myself, that I can eat. You have introduced me to new foods and information regarding food, very informative and educational. Thank you for saving my life. That’s why I try to refer all that ask or are in need of help.” -Kaley

Weight Management

Have you tried all kinds of diets in an effort to lose weight? Are you feeling stressed, frustrated, upset with how you look? No matter what you eat you can’t seem to lose weight? Is your relationship with food affecting your health, happiness, and relationships? Are you feeling tired and exhausted all the time? Whether you have always struggled with weight or have had a recent weight gain or weight loss, I can help. I do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach. I believe that you are unique and your nutritional goals and plan have to be customized for you to be successful. I will not be providing you with a list of “good” or “bad” foods. What you will gain from your sessions with me is knowledge, confidence, practical tips and skills that will allow you to take small steps towards your nutritional goals. Contact me to schedule your session today.

Client Testimonial: “My primary care physician referred me to Vandana Sheth when I expressed concern that I was not able to lose and keep the weight off. I have been trying to lose the unhealthy weight that I have been carrying for over 5 years. I would lose weight and then gain it back. My weight would fluctuate over 5 pounds a week. I was extremely frustrated! I first met with Vandana nine weeks ago. She was very personable and easy to talk to. I told her my story and she listened with genuine care and no judgment. After assessing my situation, she immediately determined that my body was in starvation mode. I was trying so hard to lose weight that I was starving my body and it held on to everything I ate as if it was the last food that it was going to get. The other significant issue was that I was not eating enough protein in the morning and exercising without the proper fuel every day! We came up with a realistic nutritional plan, which was to lose 40 pounds at a rate of one pound per week. She also recommended using an app called MyFitnessPal to help monitor my diet and keep me on track. The app is easy to use and is fun! Well, after 9 weeks I have lost 12 pounds and I’m wearing pants one size smaller! I now weigh less than I have weighed in over 5 years! I feel great and much healthier. I still have 28 pounds to go, but my progress is consistent. I’m not fluctuating over 5 pounds a week like I used to and the downward slope on my weight data is encouraging. I would recommend Vandana to anybody that has struggled with weight loss and who needs a supportive, helpful mentor.” – Gilbert

Nutrition Check up - Wellness

You regularly see your physician for an annual exam, and your dentist for regular dental exams and cleaning. How about meeting with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to get a wellness and nutrition check up? Wondering how your Nutrition check up will help? We can discuss your specific food and nutrition questions, your recent lab work, your nutrition goals, meal and snack ideas, recipes, tips and so much more. You get to customize it for your needs. Contact me to schedule your session to Eat Well Your Way For Life.

Media Spokesperson

I am very active in the media locally and nationally promoting sound nutritional information to a larger audience. I am honored to serve as a current national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. I am uniquely qualified as a resource for expert commentary, story ideas and background on the full range of food and nutrition topics.

Professional Speaker

If you are looking for an authoritative, exciting, dynamic, and passionate speaker, contact me. I am available to speak on a variety of nutrition topics and am able to convey hot nutrition topics into a compelling and motivating presentation. Contact me for your next medical, nutrition or health conference; for employee seminars or for presentations to the general public. Note: all talks are 1.5 hours in length, although a condensed 1 hour version is also available.



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