“My primary care physician referred me to Vandana Sheth when I expressed concern that I was not able to lose and keep the weight off.  I have been trying to lose the unhealthy weight that I have been carrying for over 5 years.  I would lose weight and then gain it back.  My weight would fluctuate over 5 pounds a week.  I was extremely frustrated!  I first met with Vandana nine weeks ago.  She was very personable and easy to talk to.  I told her my story and she listened with genuine care and no judgment.  After assessing my situation, she immediately determined that my body was in starvation mode.  I was trying so hard to lose weight that I was starving my body and it held on to everything I ate as if it was the last food that it was going to get.  The other significant issue was that I was not eating enough protein in the morning and exercising without the proper fuel every day!  We came up with a realistic nutritional plan, which was to lose 40 pounds at a rate of one pound per week.  She also recommended using an app called MyFitnessPal to help monitor my diet and keep me on track.  The app is easy to use and is fun!  Well, after 9 weeks I have lost 12 pounds and I’m wearing pants one size smaller!  I now weigh less than I have weighed in over 5 years!  I feel great and much healthier.  I still have 28 pounds to go, but my progress is consistent.  I’m not fluctuating over 5 pounds a week like I used to and the downward slope on my weight data is encouraging.  I would recommend Vandana to anybody that has struggled with weight loss and who needs a supportive, helpful mentor.”  - Gilbert
“I’m glad we were able to meet, it was such a great and informative session. I’ve walked away with a clearer and better understanding on how the food groups work. Thank-you for taking the time.”  -V. M.
” I had the pleasure of working with Vandana Sheth immediately following the birth of my son. After 26 years of battling eating disorders I had worked with numerous dietitians before I met Vandana. Vandana, I am proud to say, was the last dietitian I worked with before I attained complete recovery from disordered eating. Vandana’s approach is personal and supportive. One of the most attractive qualities I found in working with Vandana is her genuine interest in your personal life. By identifying events and situations that might result in poor nutritional choices, Vandana helped me build a sound “do-able” nutritional meal plan. Vandana challenges her clients to try new foods and trust that the body does not change from an extra bite or an over indulgence at times. I always felt safe expressing my fears to Vandana in a soothing environment. Vandana does not focus of numbers and weight but the body as a whole…our mind,our core…what will work for us in our own lives. As I reach my 3 year anniversary of recovery from a 26 year battle with food, I am grateful for being under the care of Vandana at the right time. Every day I look at the gift of my son…in my lap at every appointment with Vandana. Whether you struggle with disordered eating, a medical issue or just want to learn to appreciate all foods in moderation, I highly recommend working with Vandana. Vandana gave me not only my health back but has allowed me to fully enjoy a variety of foods with my son and be OK with it.” -Bridget
“It was about 20 minutes into our first session I felt completely comfortable. I knew as soon as I left that I wanted to continue to see you in helping me with my eating disorder and achieve my goals. You listened to my whole story and without judgment you began to allow me to make my own decisions and allow me to come up with a plan that was healthy yet safe. I loved how you asked me questions of what I was willing to do. If it was something I was uncomfortable with you gave me options and allowed me to make my own choices. There was no shame or negativity if I wasn’t perfect. I was able to gain confidence in myself and trust. You allowed me to take baby steps and the process was gradual and not overwhelming or discouraging, you believed in me and then I began to believe in myself, that I can eat. You have introduced me to new foods and information regarding food, very informative and educational. Thank you for saving my life. That’s why I try to refer all that ask or are in need of help.” -Kaley
“As a journalist and freelance writer, I have had the pleasure of working with Vandana Sheth on articles ranging from healthy food options for children to suggestions for children with food allergies. She provides up-to-date and helpful information with each and every interview, ultimately serving our readers with valuable health information.” -Shannon Philpott, Freelance Writer, Mom.Me, Livestrong.com, eHow.com
“I just wanted to say thank you for setting me up with Vandana Sheth for my Allrecipes article on vegan kids. She was a fantastic source!” -Jen Lindley
“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Vandana on a variety of health, wellness and nutrition assignments FitPregnancy.com, Spafinder.com and NBC Universal. She has become one of my most trusted experts and is a wonderful wealth of information on topics ranging from pregnancy nutrition to building a better breakfast, shopping organically and recipes for healthy, nutritious meals. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is fortunate to have such a professional and experienced spokesperson.” -Jessica Remitz, Freelance Writer and Editor
“You were wonderful! Thank you! Everyone loved your talk and is so positive about the whole evening so thank you so much for making it possible.” -Gaye Vancans, Community Relations, Terranea Resort
“Trusted friend and colleague who always goes the extra mile.” -Becky Gerl, RD, CDE
“We really do not refer out much but I would refer a client to you over any other RD because we know your work…Competent, knowledgeable, up to date, pleasant and compassionate approach.” -Nikki Robles, RDN, Clinical Nutrition Manager







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