The Simplest Thing You Can Do for Your Health

by | Aug 5, 2022

Are you guilty of complexity bias?

What would living a healthy lifestyle look like if it were easy?

Fact: Most of us LOVE to make things complicated.

There’s even a term for it: “complexity bias.”

Complexity bias is when you decide to make a change in almost any area of your life …

And all of a sudden you start thinking about ways to make that change even BETTER or MORE EFFECTIVE.

So you start layering in new rules or extra guidelines to add “juice” to your results.

Have you ever done that? I know I used to.

Here’s an example of complexity bias:

Simple: author Michael Pollan’s advice to “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”


Complex: counting every macro or finding the elusive but “perfect” intermittent fasting ratio.

If we have to choose between two things – one that’s clear and simple, or one that’s more complex with more steps – we usually choose the complex option.

The problem with that is it can be REALLY hard to keep up with over time.

Don’t get me wrong. Complex choices aren’t BAD, especially if they make you feel more accomplished or if you’re an athlete training for a big event.

But if they make you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or get in the way of being consistent, then it’s time to streamline and get SIMPLE.

Focus on the thing(s) that work FOR you.

Here are some ways to make your routine simple:

  1. Choose the simplest results-getting actions.
  2. Make sure those actions work with your lifestyle & schedule.
  3. Include activities and/or food you enjoy.
  4. Consider working with an expert to keep you focused & accountable.
  5. Choose a coach that also has a streamlined program for PROVEN RESULTS.

The most important thing is that you choose actions that help you stay CONSISTENT!

So if you’re ready to keep things simple and focus on what WORKS … without getting overwhelmed, our Eat Well Your Way For Life VIP Coaching Program was created to help people just like you.

Want to know more?

Let’s talk.

Did you know that August is designated Kids Eat Right Month?

To promote and celebrate the importance of healthful eating and active lifestyles for children and their families especially during this month and all year long.

As the summer winds down and kids are getting ready to head back to a new school year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encourages parents and caregivers to help children establish healthful eating habits.

Follow these steps:

  • Shop Smart
  • Cook Healthy
  • Eat Right
  • Healthful Habits
  • Get Moving
  • Get Talking

Interested in Nutrition Coaching and Counseling?

We will contact you to schedule a strategy session to learn more about you, your goals and to be sure we are a good fit to work together. Then we’ll help you take immediate action to start seeing positive results.

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